Illustrator Q&As

Lucia Masciullo - illustrator of Olive of Groves

Tell us about your latest book – what was your inspiration?


I was truly inspired from the amusing and chucklesome chapters depicted by the author, Katrina Nannestad. Characters and scenes just naturally flew on the paper after I read the book. Is this asort of love at first sight?


The silly headmistress, Mrs Groves, after few unsuccessful tries, was inspired by a picture I found online of a real mistress called Anna Essinger.


Do you use your own experiences when drawing?


Sometimes I do, but this time I didn’t know enough Talking Animals, Naughty Boys or CircusPerformers. So I turned to my imagination more than my own experiences.


Which illustrator/s or book/s have had the biggest influence on your work?


For the Talking Animals the biggest influence has surely came from one of my childhood favourite illustrators, Richard Scarry: I read his books millions of times and his style still intrigues me after so many years.


Do you have a message for aspiring illustrators?


Be inspired by the best Australian and also International illustrators out there and keep all your drawings and paintings, especially the bad ones: it’s the only way to keep track of your progress.


How and where do you illustrate?


I work in my studio on the Gold Coast: it’s a very bright room and I can see the Springbrook mountain range from my window. I tend to wake up early in the morning and doing some sport activity before breakfast or in the afternoon after work time: it’s my way to fight the long working sessions sitting at the desk!


Do you have a lucky writing charm?


Not really, I do not believe in superstitions.


Can you tell us what you are working on now?


I’m not sure how much I can reveal of my current project, I can tell you it’s a picture book with very unusual pixies!