Author Q&As

Don Watson - author of The Bush

Tell us about your latest book – what inspired you to write it?


I don’t know that I was inspired. I wandered in and couldn’t find a way out.  But I guess I was inspired sporadically while there.


What do you hope readers will take from your book?


Pleasure, mainly.  It would be a bonus if they also came to see the country as much more than the sum of its myths, and much more intriguing and urgent.


Do you use your own experiences when writing?


All writing – including non-fiction writing - seems to depend a good deal on the interplay of experience and imagination.


Which author/s or book/s have had the biggest influence on your work?


‘Influence’ is not the same thing as love or reverence, but they are hard to distinguish. At a pinch I might narrow it to The Bible, Tolstoy, Mark Twain, Steele Rudd, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Christopher Hill, Barbara Tuchman, Orwell, Camus, George Eliot…but now I’m getting into those I only love. And Brian Fitzpatrick because I started with him.


Do you have a message for aspiring writers?


Read.  Do.


How and where do you write?


In a room, in cafes, trains and planes, in my head in the shower, walking and driving.


Do you have a lucky writing charm?


No – but I’m on the lookout.