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Tonight, Wednesday 25 March, at a special event in Sydney's CBD, the Indie Book Awards Category Winners and the Indie Book of the Year were announced.

Don Watson says: 'I am delighted. How could I not be? Like every other writer in Australia, I regularly give thanks for our independent booksellers, and I would go down on my knees to do so if I thought it would help them to thrive. Writers and readers and publishers, suburbs, towns and communities, from toddlers to old age pensioners the whole country is blessed by them. They have fought off the monopolising tendencies of capitalism, the Internet, mobile phones, and ipads; they have defied the general trend to instant gratification, fads, fashion and ignorance itself. In little shops all over the continent they keep the book - and many hearts and minds - alive. I can imagine no greater honour for an Australian writer than these Indie awards they have bestowed on The Bush. So I thank them - even more deeply this week than last' Don Watson will be interviewed about his win and his work on ABC Radio National Arts and Books daily on Tuesday 31 March at 10am.

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